Linear Perspective Attempts

Below are some of my attempts to create compositions with a feeling of scale. The craggy gray stone comes from the northern Vermont area. The stone used in the pagoda setting is a dark granite. My family collects unique looking stones that eventually find their way into my tray compositions.

The plant material consists of pearlwort (Irish moss), sedum and any type of moss that makes its home in my area. Typically pincushion, haircap and fern mosses. A miniature Mugo pine is growing in the background of the lantern setting. The pagoda and lantern were made from white cedar lumber cut-offs. I used a bandsaw to cut the roof levels and a lathe to turn the lantern. Weather and time have created the aged patina. The used figurines were purchased over time.

These are easy and inexpensive to make. Keep an eye out for interesting looking stones during your travels. If you need to cut the stone to make a flat base use a diamond blade on a handheld grinder, or, find a friend or contractor who has the tools required.

I’ve used Korean mica trays, discarded table top fountain bowls and painted or glazed terracotta flower pot trays to make these.

Outdoor compositions are dynamic. The appearance and spatial effect change with the time of day and seasonal weather conditions.