The Vine Lance

I made the Vine Lance so I didn’t have to bend or kneel down to cut vines at ground level using traditional pruning shears or branch loppers and to reach, severe and pull out vines growing deep within shrubbery and on trees.

I attached an old kitchen knife to a wooden pole using the existing holes in the knife tang. I used a small grinder (Dremel tool) to cut a notch in the knife’s blade near the tip. The Vine Lance is lightweight (15 oz.) and very effective at cutting and chopping vines and light brush at ground level or up to 10 feet or more above ground. The thin blade easily slides between the vine and the tree branch or trunk that it is attached to.

Reaching into a cherry tree canopy and hooking a grape vine to pull down.
The blade is 9 inches long. The overall length of the Vine Lance is 4 feet.
A narrow slot is cut into the pole to mount the tang end of the knife.
Hooking and then cutting Japanese Honey Suckle vine at the base of a privet with a quick pull.

Spare Trimmer Line Holder

Your almost done trimming the lawn and you run out of trimmer line! At this point you’re tired, hot and really don’t want to walk back to the garage to refill the trimmer spool. Yes, it has happened to me all too often so this is what I’ve come up with to save some time:

I attach a spare roll of pre-cut trimmer line to my trimmers using two 1-1/2″ PVC pipe clips.

Cut 3/4″ pieces of the PVC pipe and then cut an open slit on one side. Sand or file the sharp corners in the slit. The clips are weatherproof and never get lost.

Attach the clips on the shaft above and below the handle, or, on each side of the handle if you prefer. Open each clip slightly and squeeze the trimmer line roll into the clip. To remove the trimmer line roll just pull it out of each clip through the slit.

Wrap a 15 to 20 foot length of trimmer line in a 6 inch roll and tape it tightly with electrical or painters tape. Fold over one end of the tape to make it easier to remove. While you are making the roll you can mark the middle of the string with an indelible marker or bend the middle point to kink the line. This saves you from having to find the middle during re-spooling. In addition, the clips have the capacity to hold two spare rolls of .095″ trimmer line should you be in the professional lawn care business.

You can store the trimmer line roll inside the handle or below it. Or, use one clip above the handle on the shaft to suspend the roll. Use what works best for you!

Extension Cord Strain Relief/ Holder

It is very frustrating when you pull too hard on the extension cord while you are working and it becomes unplugged, or worse, damaged. So this is how I solved the problem using a weatherproof 2″ PVC electrical conduit coupler. Drill two 7/16″ holes and two smaller, opposing holes for the mounting screws and mount it about 3-1/2″ below or beside your outdoor outlet boxes.

Step 1. Fold the plug end and insert the loop through the PVC coupler from the bottom.
Step 2. Insert the plug end through the loop and plug into the outlet.

You can also hold a coiled extension cord with the plug end of the cord. Run the plug end through the coil and place the plug into the top of the PVC coupler.

The PVC coupler is also useful to hold a shop rag/towel, to temporarily hang an air hose or battery charger terminal clips from.