Bench Top Display Pedestal

To maximize bench top space and highlight small bonsai you can make small, sturdy pedestals using 3/8″ threaded rod, 1/2″ PVC pipe, a threaded rod ceiling plate and your pick of slate, tile or wood. 3/8″ nuts are force fitted into each end of the PVC pipe then thread the rod through the pipe and both nuts. Use two thick 3/8″ fender washers and a third nut to mount to the bench top. The threaded rod ceiling plate is epoxied to the bottom of the platform. The PVC pipe can be painted or left bare.

A slate tile used as the platform. The planting is composed of a miniature azalea ‘Bixby’, Japanese painted ferns, moss and a stone.
A small Cotoneaster about to fully bloom sitting on a teak (flooring) wood platform. The display pedestal is mounted to a garden table.
The threaded rod ceiling plate is bonded to the platform with high strength epoxy.
Note how a 3/8″ nut is inserted into the pipe ends.