Adjustable Heavy Guy Wire

How to make an adjustable guy wire for heavier branches instead of using a turnbuckle.

Using 3 mm aluminum wire make up two Bonsai Stakes as described in a previous post below. Extend the wire lengths for your guy wire application. Slide a thin washer with a 1/4″ hole over one stake and then slide the stake into the other stakes looped end so the wire ends are opposing. The washer must be around both wires. Note: The outside diameter of the washer does not matter.

Pull the wire stake looped ends towards each other while letting the washer move freely between them. The washer will want to bind against the wires so keep the washer perpendicular to the wires to allow for free movement. Next, with the looped ends positioned close together install the guy wire on the branch and anchor point. Bend the branch while guiding the looped wire ends farther apart and freeing the washers grip. Pull the washer down at an angle and it should grab both wires tightly when you release pressure from the branch. Position the washer as close as possible toward the bottom loop.