Plastic salsa bowls make great bonsai starter pots!

Used plastic salsa bowls make great, inexpensive bonsai starter pots! I found mine at a local thrift store. Just drill a large hole in the bottom. A Unibit type drill bit works best to make larger holes in controlled progressive steps. This drill bit also works well for adding or enlarging holes in heavy gauge plastic nursery pots and mica pots.

New Bonsai Wiring Product!

The Bonsai Wire Bending Grip was developed and designed by because of the need to make quick, accurate, well formed and fitting bonsai pot drainage hole “looped” wire screen retainers of different sizes and wire diameters. Especially during the busy tasks of re-potting multiple trees, swapping and preparing new pots!

The Bonsai Wire Bending Grip supports making many other useful retainer styles, wire bending/shaping needs and accurate measurement tasks.

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